First of all, thanks for being in this team! I real­ly have the feel­ing, we can cre­ate some­thing togeth­er with­in the next days.

Here are my slides that I have shown today: 

Here is the link to our shared Google fold­er: You can use it with­out login. But if you are logged in, we see who did what.

Here is the link to the ser­vice we used today: Please cre­ate an account for your­self and start trying.

I have moved the short descrip­tions of the Inte­gro­mat mod­ules to a sep­a­rate page. If you have an inter­est in any of those, I am hap­py to help. If you have found some­thing inter­est­ing, we are hap­py to hear about it tomorrow.

Please keep work­ing with Inte­gro­mat until tomor­row. I am curi­ous what you have found and in which direc­tion you would like to move.

I have a few question:

  • Do you agree with Jim Gray that: “Every­thing about sci­ence is chang­ing because of the impact of infor­ma­tion technology”?
  • Do you agree with me that Dig­i­tal Art His­to­ry is actu­al­ly Data Sci­ence applied to Art His­to­ry? If not, what would be your definition?
  • What ser­vice is miss­ing in Inte­gro­mat? What would you like to see there?
  • What data is miss­ing in Inte­gro­mat? What would you like to see there?

Fur­ther reading:

Tomor­row we have a look at how APIs work and how to con­nect art-his­tor­i­cal data.

The quote of the day is just nat­ur­al to the first step into microservices:

I have the dots, but don’t know yet how to con­nect them.