This track is not about big data, but current data.
It is not about coding, but about creating.

Vir­tu­al Cof­fee will be tomor­row at 5 GMT (link has been sent to you).
Class at 6 GMT. We do 1 hour the­o­ry and instruc­tions, 1 hour expe­ri­ence (indi­vid­ual help) and 1 hour talk­ing about our expe­ri­ence, what we would like to present and what we plan until the fol­low­ing day.
Pan­el at 9 GMT.

If you are not sure about your time zone, this is a good tool to use. Or place it in your mobile cal­en­dar and it will be con­vert­ed automatically.

Offi­cial hash­tag: #DAHSS20