How to present on the website

Here you will find information of how to present results on the website as one possible frontend. Please write as a page (not a post).

You are free to write and upload whatever you like. If you have results with data and services: wonderful. If you have results with other tools or with screenshots: great. If you would like to share your thoughts on the last days’ experiences in writing: fine!

In any case: Please describe your findings with enough explanations that someone from outside the group has a good understanding, what we did.

Embed a spreadsheet on the website

  1. In Google Sheets, just click in the menu the first item “file” and “Publish on website”.
  2. Click on “Embed”, chose the page you would like to show (or all) and copy the HTML code.
  3. This code paste into a “custom HTML” block on WordPress.

Embed a diagram from Google Sheets

If you have created a diagram from within Google Sheets, you can easily embed this on WordPress (however this option is not very beautiful):

  1. Mark your data and create a diagram.
  2. That it blends with the background of the website, make sure the diagram’s background is set on “no color”.
  3. Click on the top right “Publish diagram” and copy the code.
  4. Enter the code in WortPress intto a “Custom HTML” block.

Embed a diagram from Datawrapper

If you have created a diagram in Datawrapper, here is how to embed it in WordPress (this is the more beautiful option):

  1. The great thing about Datawrapper is that you can import tables from Google Sheets by clicking on “Share” on the top right (see images below).
  2. Paste this link into Datawrapper.
  3. In the last step of the creation of the diagram you can publish it and copy the HTML code.
  4. Then paste this code into a “Custom HTML” block in WortPress.

Embed a tweet

  1. Just copy the link to the tweet (bottom right, “copy link to tweet”)
  2. Add a block “Twitter” and paste the link. Done.